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Serpentine Sibilance

This song is by 1349 and appears on the album Revelations of the Black Flame (2009).

Corpus Replica, Oath of the Black Tongue
Man unkind in perfect unison
Shapeless evil, touch the hell's fire
The cloven death mass

Cold Logic, Devil and Vulture
Back to the original sin

There is no God, and we are his prophets
Days will be eclipsed by leather wings
Like ice-cold statues in a Labyrinth of Bone
You stand to drown in tidal waves of sickness

Fire-crested crouching shadows
Skeletal requiem of death
You come with the blackest tidings
Leading the rats to our poisoned wells

Cold Logic, Devil and Vulture
Back to the original sin
Cold Logic - Devils and Serpents
Back to the cardinal sin

Serpentine Sibilance
Incalculable Monochrome
Phantom fingers unstitch time
Serpentine Sibilance
Unconditional harvesters
Rattling bony fingers in the dark

Have we come unbidden... ?
The absolute tyrant of your flesh
We came to taste forbidden fruits
To boil your seas and burn your world

Shadow fastened - Scorched into dry bone
Under the Blood-Banner
Spirit-raked, flagrant violation
Harvest this world
Serpents stare, all souls shadow
The Black everlasting flames

Ulterior motives - Walking nightmare
Through the slime of age
Spiritual dissection, twin-horned heathen
Collective bile of millennia
World incinerators - Raised by the infernal
Through decades of slaughter

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