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Come Out (Come Down, Fade Out, Be Gone)

This song is by 120 Days and appears on the album 120 Days (2006).

Break down, build up again
Here she comes with a hand to lend
Get out of bed just to dive into the night
Torn lips and I feel uptight
Come out, come down
Fade out, be Gone

I know I'm wrong but it feels so right
I can see my love float out of your mouth and I
Taste the different flavors from the night
Rock your hips and I'm up for a fight
Come out, come down
Fade out, be Gone

Here comes two zero zero six
I pray this year I'm gonna get my kicks
But I lost my faith somewhere in the night
I was tryin' too hard to make you feel alright
Come out, come down
Fade out be gone be gone

I know my dreams will drift away
When I open my eyes for another day
And the only feeling that lingers on is that
I wanna close my eyes, go back and be gone

Come out
Come down
Fade out
Be gone
Be gone


Written by:

Jonas Hestvik Dahl; Arne Schroeder Kvalvik; Aadne Meisfjord; Kjetil Ovesen

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