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Now That We're Done

This song is by 112 and appears on the album 112 (1996).

Got To Try My Best To Reach The Lowest Low
To A Place Where No One Goes
If You Lets Me Taste You Slow
I'll Let You Taste My Funky Emotions
And I'll Cover You With Me
In A Pool Of Ecstasy
There's No Place I'd Rather Be Than With You
Please Let Me Do You Again

(Chorus) Now That We're Done What Are Your Thinking
Body So Soft Just Can't Stop Thinking
You Touch Me There Now What Are You Thinking Oooh
Now That We're Done Done What Are You Thinking
Body So Soft Just Can't Stop Thinking
Here Comes The Sun Now What Are You Thinking Oooh

Lying Here On A Bed Full Of Trust
Just Don't Fully Cover The Lust
Anticipating All The Questions I'll Ask
Was I Strong Enough Or Will I Last I Don't Know

It's Kinda Hard Mmmm
To Play This Right
These Feelings That I Have Inside
It's Something That I Just Can't
Can't Hide



Yeah Yeah Yeah How This Feels
Feeling Is Unreal
Feeling Is Unreal
Got To Know Now That We're Done
Can We Do It Again N' Again N' Again N' Again
Oh 112 Won't You Help Me Sing


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