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Do What You Gotta Do

This song is by 112 and appears on the album Part 3 (2001).

Sorry I lied to u
But I'm not sorry
That I fell deep
In love with her
So baby
Do what u gotta do
I said I'm sorry I
Lied to u
But I'm not sorry
That I fell deep
In love with her
So baby
Do what u gotta do

I was always on the phone in the bathroom
You were always in the kitchen at the sink
Girl I was always tryna find a way to tell you
I'm havin' relations and it's gettin' kinda deep
Now even though we've been together for a long time
Girl you know and I know things are not the same
Before we go on any longer wasting all this time
I gotta let you know I'm bout to make a change I'm...


You were always in the bedroom watchin' tv
I was always downstairs on the couch
While you were always undecided on a movie
I was always tryna get up out this house
And then I noticed how you always went to sleep
When it was time for you to give that ass to me
And then you wonder why a brotha wants to creep
Well it's time to let you know I got someone who feels me


Something's goin' on
Something's goin' on where did we go wrong
What happened to the love I used to get at home
You be on my mind used to be my dime
Used to spend time talkin' on the phone
But now that things have changed
I'm jumpin' in my range
And rollin' out


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