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Can I Touch You

This song is by 112 and appears on the album 112 (1996).

Can I Touch You Babe
Mmm Come Here Babe

(1) Can I Touch You
Make You Feel So Good
I Know You Want Me To, So Sweet
My Goodness Love So Sexy
Won't You Come And Talk To Me
Can I Speak To You
Make You Feel Good
I Know You Want Me To, So Sweet
Goodness Love So Sexy
Won't You Walk Over To Me

In The Middle Of The Night
You Walk Into My Room
The Street Light Silhouettes Your Face
And All Of Me Consumes
A Special Part Of Me
There's A Lonely Part Of You
And In This We'll Find Happiness
And Little Things Come True
Can I

(2) Can I Touch You There
Fingers Through Your Hair
Baby Don't Be Scared
Cuz I've Got You
Where You Need To Be
Hold You Tenderly
Something You Won't Forget

Repeat 1

All The Time I Spent
Looking In Your Eyes
I Don't Feel Time Is Wasted
I Swear I'm Not
Lying Here Just To Take Advantage Of You
Do You Understand
This Is Something I Wanna Do
Can I

Repeat 2

Repeat 1 Two Times

Come Over Here
And Take My Hand
Ohh Don't Be Afraid
Ooh Ooh Ooh
Stay Right Here
Can I

Repeat 1 Til End

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