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Rock to the Beat (1988)Edit

101 (BE) - Rock To The Beat

Rock to the Beat

  1. Rock to the Beat
  2. Saigon Nightmare
  3. Rock to the Beat (12")
  4. Rock to the Beat (7")


  1. Just As Long As I Got You (1989)
  2. Move Your Body (1989)
  3. Busy ZZee Is In Town (1990)

Other SongsEdit

  1. I Got Rock' N Roll

Additional information

Artist information:

Belgian project that started with New Beat, not to be confused with One O One Electric Dream

Also known as:

King George

Years active:


Former members:

  • Harry Van Oekel
  • Jos Borremans
  • Maurice Engelen
  • Nikkie Van Lierop
  • Oliver Adams

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