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With This Song I Will Destroy Myself

This song is by .moneen. and appears on the album Are We Really Happy With Who We Are Right Now? (2003).

Now... This ones on you, and I won't let it die... I won't let go.
Goddamn this whole thing.
I remember being happy.

And I said,
That you must do what is right.
And I know,
You must do what's best for you.
And I said,
That we/you must do what feels right.
In our hearts, we must carry on.

Now... I'm not afraid of being here,
I'm scared of feeling alone again.
Goddamn everything.
I remember being happy.

I wait to see, this will die and when it does I will be dead.
Wait to see, this will die and when it does I'm dead.

I hate to have to say goodbye.

'Cause I can't wait to tell you now that what we have must end.