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I guess I'm not good enough for you
I thought nothing would ever happen to us
Don't you have anything else to say now?
Do I just let you go like this?

I guess I have disappeared to you
I believed we would be okay this way
But your eyes are so awkward, I can't look at you
So I'm just staring at your second button

* Did you forget everything? Did you erase everything?
Is this it? Can't we be together?

** This can't be it, I can't let you go
If I'm not too late, can't we turn things around?
This is a lie, saying you want to break up – it can't be
I used to be your everything so please come back to me

* Repeat

** Repeat

Yes, I'm a fool, a fool who only knows you
I'm begging like this, can't you accept my heart?
Come back to me, look at me, come back to me
You used to cherish me so much, come back to me