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Map of the Human Soul (2003)Edit

Map of the Human Soul
Map of the Human Soul
  1. Go
  2. 풍파 (featuring 한상원)
  3. I Remember (featuring Kensie)
  4. 하늘에게 물어봐 (featuring Dynamic Duo A.K.A. 최자와 개코)
  5. 10년 뒤에 (Dear Me) (featuring Leeds)
  6. Lesson One (Tablo's Word)
  7. 그녀가 불쌍해 (featuring Lyn)
  8. Street Lovin' (featuring Joosuc)
  9. Love Song (featuring 박선웅 Of 남궁연 악단)
  10. 고독 恨 사랑 (Mithra's Word)
  11. Free Love
  12. Get High
  13. 유서 (featuring TBNY)
  14. 막을내리며 (Dedication)
  15. Watch Ya Self(featuring 디기리, Yankie, & Double K)

High Society (2004)Edit

High Society
High Society
  1. 신사들의 산책 (Good Morning)
  2. High Skool
  3. 평화의 날
  4. The Sunrise Interlude
  5. Lesson 2 (The Sunset)
  6. My Ghetto (featuring 김연우)
  7. The Basics(featuring Unknowndjs)
  8. 신사들의 절약정신 (Good Afternoon)
  9. Lady (타이틀곡)
  10. 피해망상 Part 3 (featuring TBNY)
  11. 11월1일 (featuring Kim Jae Suk Of WANTED)
  12. 뚜뚜루
  13. 혼자라도 (featuring Clazziquai Project)
  14. Daydream (사직서)
  15. Open M.I.C.
  16. 뒷담화
  17. 신사들의 몰락 (Good Evening)
  18. Remember (70s Soul Remix)

Swan Songs (2005))Edit

Swan Songs
Swan Songs
  1. Innisfree (Intro)
  2. Lesson 3 (MC)
  3. Fly
  4. Funkdamental
  5. 그녀는 몰라
  6. Ride
  7. 이별, 만남... 그 중점에서
  8. The Epikurean (Intermission)
  9. Paris
  10. Let It Rain
  11. 도시가 눈을 감지 않는 이유
  12. Follow the Flow
  13. Swan Song
  14. Goodbye (Outro)
  15. Bone Us: Elements

Remapping the Human Soul (2007)Edit

Epik High - Remapping the Human Soul
Remapping the Human Soul
Disk One
  1. The End Times (OPENING)
  2. 白夜
  3. 알고 보니 (featuring Jinbo)
  4. 실어증 (featuring Paloalto)
  5. Mr. Doctor (featuring Yankie)
  6. Runaway (Mithra's Word)
  7. Exile (Halftime) (Instrumental)
  8. Still Life (featuring Jinbo, The Quiett, Kebee, TBNY & MC Meta)
  9. 피해망상 pt.1 (featuring Junggigo)
  10. 희생양 (featuring 스윗 소로우 (Sweet Sorrow))
  11. Nocturne (Tablo's Word)
  12. In Peace (Closing)
Disk Two
  1. Slave Song (Overture)
  2. Flow (featuring 日之内絵美 (Emi Hinouchi))
  3. Love/crime (Prelude)
  4. Fan
  5. 거미줄 (featuring Itta)
  6. 선곡표 (featuring DJ Zio)
  7. 중독 (featuring Wanted)
  8. Underground Railroad (Intermission)
  9. FAQ
  10. Love Love Love (featuring Yoongjin)
  11. Girl Rock (featuring Jiae)
  12. Broken Toys (featuring Infinite Flow)
  13. 행복합니다 (featuring JW of Nell)
  14. Public Execution (Finale)
  15. Fly (Remix)

Pieces, part one (2008)Edit

Epik High - Pieces part one
Pieces, part one
  1. Be
  2. Breakdown
  3. 서울, 1:13 AM (Short Piece)
  4. One (featuring 지선)
  5. 연필깎이 (featuring Kebee)
  6. Girl (featuring 진보)
  7. Slave (Short Piece)
  8. The Future (featuring Yankie)
  9. 20 Fingers (Short Piece)
  10. Ignition (featuring 나윤권)
  11. Eight By Eight
  12. Décalcomanie
  13. Icarus Walks (Short Piece)
  14. 낙화 (落花)
  15. 우산 (featuring 윤하 (Younha))
  16. 당신의 조각들 (featuring 지선)

Other SongsEdit

  1. 白夜 (White Night)

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