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Fate is tricky like someone drawing the trump card
Changing the legs position while laughing gloriously
Even though it was just common thing
The bouquet I gave you looked very like your eyes

We followed around common knowledge and got surrounded by old generation
Whatever we did, we couldn't escape; we were Romeo & Juliet

You said you couldn't sleep alone
I felt the same way, but I remained silent

"Because tomorrow the wind will stop"
I changed the topic and cut short your words

In the night of the end, I didn't come, you were all alone and frightened
If only I'd been able to see your true expression under the mask so calm it was scary

Sometimes I have a premonition of trouble happening to you
But I wonder why that time I had no suspicion

The difficulty you met
was shown through your behavior, but I didn't sense anything
With so much gentleness that it felt so sad
you gathered your feelings waiting for an answer, but I ruined them all

In the night of the end, I didn't come, you quietly wavered
Waking up from a bad dream, I wonder if it was a dream since I couldn't sleep

With the labyrinth unsolved, what can I do?
Now this voice can reach you, finally I can say "I love you"

I sing this song to confess everything to you
Because somehow only you can forgive this heart