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Take me so far away
Feelings will never end
A day will come where
you'll give wings to a boy

Fly away
Right now
Take off to the sky
Don't give up
your dreams and pride

Hands of the clock will not stop
It's something that cannot be found in a hurry
Waiting is a boring thing
We should do occupy it

That one step
You won't go anywhere without stepping forward

Go on the road that leads to the other side
Listen to your pulse that beats
I'm sure I'll find
The future that I'm looking for

Take me so far away
Chasing the wind
The boy will eventually
Spread his wings

Fly away without fear
of anything right now
Advance on the road
that you believe in

Take off to the sky
And penetrate the clouds far away
We'll fly together

Fly in the sky
One day you can be true to yourself
We'll meet again when that day arrives