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Album by 飛兒樂團.
The Chinese title of this album is "飛兒樂團". This is read as "Fēiér Yuètuán (fei1 ji4 ngok6 tyun4)" and means "F.I.R.".
  1. 尋夢之途... (The Way to Dream...)
  2. Fly Away
  3. Lydia
  4. 流浪者之歌 (The Traveler's Song)
  5. 我們的愛 (Our Love)
  6. 光芒 (Flame)
  7. Lydia (piano instrumental)
  8. 你的微笑 (Your Smile)
  9. 塔羅牌 (Tarot Cards)
  10. 後樂園 (Hidden Eden)
  11. Revolution
  12. You Make Me Want to Fall in Love
  13. 待續... (To Be Continued...)


The words “同名專輯” means “an album with the same name [as the artist]” and is not part of the actual title of the album. However, in Chinese, it is customary to add this phrase when referring to titles of any album released under the artist’s name.

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