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Album by 飛兒樂團.
  1. 無限 (Unlimited)
  2. 千年之戀 (Thousand Years of Love)
  3. LOVE*3
  4. 盛宴... (Banquet...)
  5. 應許之地 (The Holy Land)
  6. 把愛放開 (Let Love Go Away)
  7. Neverland
  8. 傳說... (Legend...)
  9. 刺鳥 (Thorn Bird)
  10. 愛的力量 (The Power of Love)
  11. 死心的理由 (The Reason of Giving Up)
  12. I Can't Go On
  13. What's Next?
  14. 消失 (from Unlimited-Thorn Bird Glory Limited Edition 刺鳥榮耀珍藏版, solo by Real)

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