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English PencilEdit

Dyed by the morning sun
I look up at the velvet sky

At a far, distant place, living in a different time
From here, from this world as it is
Just riding on the notes, I want to reach you (I will reach you)

The scenery reflected in my eyelids makes my chest tremble with the moment
And the words spin a melody, awakening deep memories...

The earth carries the echoes of life
Entrusted with their features...

The scenery reflected in my heart fills my chest with nostalgia
At a place that is not here, someone has sang these feelings

As the dusk draws near
I close my eyes beneath the sky

Original (Japanese) PencilEdit


遥かな遠い場所で 違う時間(とき)を生きている
君に ありのままの 世界 音にのせて唯 届けたい
  此処から                届けてゆく

瞼に映る景色 胸震わす瞬間を
紡ぐ詞(ことば) 旋律 深い記憶を揺り起こす

大地が宿す 生命(いのち)の響(ひびき)

心に映る景色 胸を満たす郷愁は
ここではない何処かで 誰かが歌った想い