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When Love's Gonna End

This song is by 陳冠希.

I think I'm really gonna explode
The coldness is outside but it's red hot inside
I'll take you further this time
Don't pretend that you forgot I won't let you slip away..
And If it don't mean much to you,
I'll show ya how to to turn stone into gold
When I don't take no for an answer even this time,
You say it's over, let's get it burnin..


Out in the dark,
There's no where to hide,
Come in this shelter and dance through the night
Out in the dark,
There's no where to run,
One night was over another's just begun.
Mistake one mistaken, we make it correct
Let's think about tomorrow forget about when love's gonna end..
(forget about when love's gonna end)

Ah heh ah heh ah heh ha..
Ah heh ah heh whoa oh oh..

Repeat verse1.


(forget about when love's gonna end)

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