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Pichu, Pichu, we're siblings,
Everybody in town knows!
Pichu, Pichu, we're siblings,
The degree of this relationship is the best!

What a nice world this is
An amusement park without the need of a ticket!
It's a first for us
That's why it's interesting!

Enjoy the bit of thrill in the thrill
Dodging is fun, fun fun fun!
We're Pichu Pichu brothers!

Pichu, Pichu, we're siblings,
You know now too!
Pichu, Pichu, we're siblings,
Our cheerfulness is the best!

This world is so mysterious
A magic show that doesn't need materials or devices
It's full of surprise to us
That's why it's interesting

Pichu, Pichu, Pichu, Pichu, Tomorrow
Pichu, Pichu, Pichu, Pichu, where should we go?

Bits of momentum is piling up
Running around here and there
Even though we may sometimes fight!

With a bit of an initiative,
You can recover immediately, yey, yey, yey
We're Pichu Pichu brothers!

Maybe one day, you and I will
Meet by chance on the street, la, lan, lan!
We're Pichu Pichu brothers!

Right, Pichu Brothers!!