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English PencilEdit

The sea of darkness that continues forever
The twinkling of battle lights up our wake
The life that burns out forgets the light
And sinks beneath the waves and is just trembling

People hurt each other just as they continue to want

Engraved deep within the depths of my memories
An eternal tone resounds
The tears that overflowed from emotions are
A program that spun Mobius

The days of war that continue endlessly
Words that talk about love also disappear into the void
Voices of sadness abound and the world crumbles apart
The miniature garden's time welcomes the twilight

The sky shines white and life dances

Surpassing loneliness, tied strongly together
Eternal hearts start rotating
At the planet I ended up on after continuing to drift
I meet with you once again

Original (Japanese) PencilEdit

何処までも続く暗闇の海 戦火の煌めきが航跡照らす
燃え尽きた命は光忘れて 波間に沈んでただ震えている


記憶の果てに深く刻まれた 永遠の音色が響き出す
想いが溢れ流した涙は メビウスを紡いだプログラム

何時までも続く争いの日々 愛語る言葉も虚空へ消える
悲しみの声が満ち世界崩れて 箱庭の時は黄昏を迎える


孤独を越えて強く繋がれた 永遠の心が廻り出す
漂い続け行き着いた星で 君とまた再び巡り逢う