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Reach Out To The Truth -In Mayonaka Arena-

This song is by 目黒将司, features 平田志穂子 (Shihoko Hirata) and appears on the Video game soundtrack Persona 4 The Ultimate In Mayonaka Arena Original Soundtrack (2012).

This song is featured in the video game Persona 4 Arena.
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Yeah naked truth lies, only if you realize

Appearing in nobody's eyes, till they sterilize
Stop the guerrilla warfare to keep it fair
Bro change your rage to a smarter greater cause
You know the stake is high stardom is near
Those who sympathized you died, Killers pass you by
Do not waste your time hating flirting guys
Use your might to AIs to do justice to them all

Now I face out, I hold out
I reach out to the truth of my life
Seeking to seize on the whole moment to now break away!

Oh god let me out, Can you let me out?
Can you set me free from this dark inner world?
Save me now last beat in the soul