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This song is by 溫嵐 and appears on the album 熱浪 (2007).

作詞:溫嵐 作曲:Do Myun.Klm
編曲:DoMyun.Klm Rap:Do Myun.Klm

封鎖這虛偽的代號 刪除那曖昧的容貌
傳遞這幸福的符號 顯示那會心的一笑
上一秒的笑臉 和 這一秒的思念 在
下一秒送到你眼前 Just happy with me
Every time 任何時間 Every where 不管距離多遠
快樂的畫面 全世界都看見

開心 做你自己 開心 笑的甜蜜
現在只要開心就好 開心做自己
開心 做個表情 開心 眨個眼睛 屬於你的開心符號
hi bybt, i wanna make you happy
[ it's time to happy with landy ]
baby 有時不需要言語 就能接收彼此的默契
baby 打開微笑的訊息 也要用那微笑來回應


i don't want to see that fron, flip it upside down baby
it's been a while for sometime now lately
well maybe it's hard to do
but i know that you got it in you and that's the truth
so show me a sign, tell me what's on your mind
you're a one of a kind
oh,can iget a special delivery
cuz the smile on your face is agift to me

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