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Jue Qiang

This song is by Rainie Yang and appears on the album My Other Self (Free Gate) (2007) by 楊丞琳.

#我的倔強  瘋狂  無法  逞強  流浪
你的模樣  說謊  眼光  裝傻  躲藏
repeat ※ #
*我的倔強  迷惘  去闖 徬徨  悲傷
你的模樣不像  遺忘  飄蕩  搖晃

Ni ceng shuo yu xiao shi hou bie di xia tou
Yao deng hou qi ji jiang luo
Wo bu dong ceng xiang yi qi yong bao de can hong
wei shen me zhi sheng xia wo
*Yuan lai ya ai qing shi bu hui liu xia shen me
Zhi liu xia can que de meng
Neng bu neng ba ni de ai jie dian gei wo
hao rang wo ji xu piao liu
Wo de jue jiang feng kuang wu fa cheng qiang liu lang
Shi fou zhi sheng yi ge ren zai ji mo zhan chang
Ni de mo yang shuo huang yan guang zhuang sha duo chang
Wo tao wang
repeat ※ #
Wo de jue jiang mi wang qu chuang pang huang bei shang
Shi fou ying gai bu ji yi qie qu di kang
Ni de mo yang bu xiang yi wang piao dang yao huang
Wo tou xiang

You've said before, never bow your head when it is raining
Must wait for miracles drop down.
I don't understand the Rainbow that we thought of embracing together ( I think the Rainbow here signify Happiness)
Why am I the only one left
*It seems that love does not leave behind anything good
It just leaves behind a broken dream
Can you borrow me some of your love
To enable me to go on drifting
My stubborness maddening unable to endure roaming
Am I the only one left in the battlefield of loneliness
Your apperance lying vision pretending hiding
(you appear to be lying, pretending and hiding from telling the truth
I flee
repeat ※ #
My stubborness confused barged wander sad
Should I resist it fully
Your appear different forgotten drifting faltering
I surrender

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