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​錯乱 (Sakuran)

This song is by 椎名林檎 and appears on the single この世の限り (2007).

The Japanese title of this song is "錯乱". This is read as "Sakuran" and means "Confusion".

Original English lyricsEdit

Don't pray for it to rain, don't look to the sky
Hold me with your lonesome eyes
You slipped into my room in a simple disguise
Take me with your furtive eyes

I want... I wait for time to come my way again

Stay here, your sorrow's luring me in,
But does this sorrow ever end?
Sadness invites me, entices me to you
Don't let me go

You first came to me with misery
But now you feel uninspiring
All the pain in your face has been replaced
I'm so tired of useless words and laughing

With you I felt time lift and carry me away

I want you with me but all you feel is cold
Is this getting old?
Your look of sorrow, it fills me with desire
My heart's on fire

Come here, come near me, there is no one like you
Let's burn up this room
Now that I'm with you, I see it day by day
Façades, they fade away

How will you get by?
You know, I just don't care for foolish affairs
You cheat, you smile, you laugh at my desire
I'm crazy for...

What am I crazy for?