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This song is by 椎名林檎.

I'll tell you gals how
To hoodwink a crowd
Of liars, fat cats and thieves

A poison-dart eye
And some quicksilver jive
Make all men weak in the knees

Havana, Caracas, Monaco nights
Istanbul, Rio and Nice

When the night has been won
No one knows till the sun
Is rising on you in Greece

Gong Gong
Dr. Bow Tie quits on an ace
A briefcase changes hands
Why do these cats think that they're safe

「Oh 009, do try to be more careful this time.」

When 009
Takes his own sweet time
And botches all of our plans
The Agency chimes
I'm called in to find
Who took the briefcase and ran

Old Souse seas, Canberra, Marrakech nights
Blue skies from Daker to Nice

All diabolic schemes
Unravel with ease
When you can scat your commands

Bomb Bomb
Dr. Bow Tie makes for the door
I light a short fuse on my sign
She's a landmine draped in Dior
A fine disguise, this live microphone


Bye Bye
Dr. Bow Tie sullies his pants
Foiled by my switcher
Unsuspecting of quicksilver jazz
Mesmerized by my microphone

Grecian sun is simply divine
With a briefcase at my side
Go fetch me a cocktail, dear
What shall we do with you, 009!

「You're insufferable, 009. I will not allow such
Sloppy execution next time.」