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This song is by 椎名林檎.

Are you hurting?
Feel like dying?

I wonder
Do theatrics
Ease your pain or
Feed a hungry soul


I wonder
Why my feelings
Play supporting
To your leading role

I'm disillusioned by your ways
Your prancing on a paper stage
The curtain call has come

Final scene, you change your act
And don a grownup stoic mask
Too Late, bow, we're done

No, please just go
I've nothing more to say
So no, let it go
There's nothing left to say

A virtuoso on the stage
Your every move exuded grace
I was overcome

I recited lines by heart
Scripted by your flawless art
I am much to blame

Forget these days
I won't play house again
So, forget this time
I'll keep my secrets mine

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