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Go Dream

This song is by 植松伸夫 and appears on the album feel-Go Dream ~ Yuna & Tidus (2001).

Sung by Morita Masakazu (Tidus).

Japanese originalEdit

GO DREAM taiyou no koe mashita e to
ima yume no chizu dakishimete tabidatteku
GO DREAM mukau basho koe arashi demo
mou osorenai karada-juu kizutsuitemo

bokura ga eranda ashita e suzumou
mune no jyounetsu akaki moyashite

GO DREAM mamoritai koe hito no tame
ima unmei no shiren sae fuikitte

bokura wa kokoro ni tsubasa wo hirogete
donna sora demo tobikoe nareru

bokura wa kono umi daichi wo tsukinuke
mezasu sekai e tadoritsuku no sa

English translationEdit

Go Dream, sunlight at the field. Voice coming from a distance
Now dream and travel around the map
Go Dream, go face the place with a storm, but
Soon the fear will take your body

We will fight for tomorrow
Red chest in a haze

Go Dream, protect by the sake of mankind
Soon fate will test even the unforeseen

We must have peace in ours hearts
What kind of sky will be if we throw ourselves into conformism?

We will bring peace to this sea, my substitute land
Aimed at the world to struggle on, help them

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