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Aria De Mezzo Carattere

This song is by 植松伸夫.

O my hero, my beloved,
Shall we still be made to part,
Though promises of perennial love
Yet sing here in my heart?
I'm the darkness, you're the starlight
Shining brightly from afar.
Through hours of despair, I offer this prayer
To you, my evening star.
Must my final vows exchanged
Be with him and not with you?
Were you only here To quiet my fear...
O speak! Guide me anew.

Come, Maria! Dance with me...

I am thankful, my beloved,
For your tenderness and grace.
I see in your eyes, so gentle and wise,
All doubts and fears erased!
Though the hours take no notice
Of what fate might have in store,
Our love, come what may, will never age a day.
I'll wait forevermore!


  • The lyrics are "displayed" (not sung) in-game and the "singing" is very implied.
  • There are other versions of this song which are sung by a true human vocalist.

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