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White Reply (2003)Edit

Akeboshi - White Reply
White Reply
  1. Tall Boy
  2. Morning High
  3. White Reply
  4. Money
  5. Not Real (Limited edition bonus song)

Rusty Lance (2005)Edit

Akeboshi - Rusty Lance
Rusty Lance
  1. Rusty Lance
  2. Sounds
  3. Writing Over the Sign

Akeboshi (2005)Edit

Akeboshi - Akeboshi
  1. Wind
  2. Night And Day
  3. Hey There
  4. No Wish
  5. 秋風のうた
  6. Haikyo No Sofa
  7. A Nine Days' Wonder
  8. White Reply
  9. Faerie Punks
  10. Morning High
  11. Tall Boy
  12. The Audience
  13. Kamisama No Shitauchi
  14. Toki no fune (時の舟) (Bonus track)

Yellow Moon (2006)Edit

Akeboshi - Yellow Moon
Yellow Moon
  1. Yellow Moon (Edit)
  2. Peruna
  3. One Step Behind The Door
  4. 花火
  5. Yellow Moon
  6. Deep End

Meet Along the Way (2007)Edit

Akeboshi - Meet Along the Way
Meet Along the Way
  1. Sky In The Pond
  2. The Cliff
  3. Yellow bird
  4. Broken bridge
  5. Seeds
  6. Shadow of the wind
  7. Green eyes
  8. Village Stone
  9. Mercury is rising
  10. Diamond Dust
  11. coille gan crann
  12. Close my door
  13. Fukurou

Roundabout (2008)Edit

Akeboshi - Roundabout
  1. Leaf on Leaf
  2. Sky in the pond
  3. One step behind the door
  4. Along the Line
  5. Peruna
  6. Yellow Moon
  7. Rusty lance
  8. Sounds
  9. Hey There (Live)
  10. Seeds (Live)
  11. Wind (Live)
  12. A Nine Days' Wonder (Live)

After the Rain Clouds Go (2014)Edit

Akeboshi - After the Rain Clouds Go
After the Rain Clouds Go
  1. Usual Life
  2. Beat the Snow
  3. Tiny Rainbow
  4. Drifting Sounds
  5. Fragments of Memory
  6. Meltwater
  7. 曇り夜空
  8. Break the Spell
  9. 夢中で夢の中
  10. Standing on the Line
  11. Messed Up Mind

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