志方あきこ (Akiko Shikata):Viridian (2004)

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Orgel album by 志方あきこ.
  1. 時計台駅広場にて (Tokeidai Eki Hiroba Nite, At the Clock Tower Station Plaza)
  2. シュガー (Sugar)
  3. 迷夢 (Meimu, Illusion)
  4. 幽明 (Yuumei, Semidarkness)
  5. お伽話をしよう (Otogibanashi wo Shiyou, Telling a Fairy-Tale)
  6. 帰り道 (Kaerimichi, The Way Home)
  7. 雨やどり (Ame Yadori, Shelter From the Rain)
  8. くれなゐ (Kurenawi, Crimson)
  9. 透明な日 (Toumei na Hi, Transparent Day)
  10. 花帰葬 (Hana Ki Sou, Flower Funeral)
  11. 石の褥 (Ishi no Shitone, Cushion of Stone)
  12. 木漏れ日 (Komorebi, Sunlight Filtering Through Trees)
  13. ある日、ある午後、ある場所で (Aru Hi, Aru Gogo, Aru Basho de, On a Certain Day, A Certain Afternoon, At a Certain Place)
  14. The sky of twilight
  15. 風炎 (Fuuen, Foehn Wind)
  16. 水の玲瓏 (Mizu no Reirou, The Clearness of Water)
  17. 廃墟と楽園 (Haikyo to Rakuen, Ruins and Heaven)
  18. Se l'aura spira (If the gentle wind blows)
  19. Dum spiro spero (While I breathe, I hope)
  20. イゥリプカ (Iuripuka)
  21. 月虹の彼方へ (Gekkou no Kanata e, To the Other Side of a Moonbow)
  22. cradle
  23. 渇きの丘 (Kawaki no Oka, Hill of Thirst)
  24. 何処へ (Doko e, To Where)
  25. little holy place
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