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復闊の日 ~Prologo~ (Fukkatsu no Hi ~Prologo~)

This song is by 志方あきこ and appears on the album うみねこのなく頃に (2008).

The Japanese title of this song is "復闊の日 ~Prologo~". This is read as "Fukkatsu no Hi ~Prologo~" and means "The Day of Revival ~Prologue~".


Stolti, radunatevi sotto l'ali possenti
Venite, con le trombe del lamento che echeggian fino al cielo

Date fuoco alle corone d'ortiche e offritele sull'altare del destino

Dal profondo degli abissi vien la Grande Maga
E vi darà i suoi favori capricciosi

Fra poco verrà il giorno del giudizio
Invocate il suo nome, con omaggio, odio e ammirazione

English TranslationEdit

Fools, gather beneath the powerful wings
Come, with the trumpets of lament that echo to the sky

Burn the crown of nettles and offer it on the altar of destiny

From the depths of the abysses arrives the Great Witch
And to you she will give her capricious favors

Soon the day of judgment will arrive
Invoke her name, with respect, hatred and admiration


  • Composed & arranged by: 志方あきこ (Akiko Shikata)
  • Lyrics by: 篠田朋子 (Tomoko Shinoda)
  • Vocals by: 志方あきこ (Akiko Shikata)
  • Violin: 大貫聖子 (Seiko Ohnuki)

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