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June 8th

Forever before one's eyes notwithstanding
You would like to sing, chase letters with your fingers

I'm nothing
Instead of yours, right
You often wished to become good

Necessities aren't needed
I'm one of them, right
The you of that time were awfully dazzling.

Cried so often
And couldn't do anything else but hate myself

You shine as if you were the sun, stretching shadows

Forever binding.

You were pulling my hand, right
You wished it would be your end, yet it certainly wasn't

From that day, you appeared in the front of me
Everything seemed different then

I chase your retreating figure
Possibly repeating myself
I notice the lamenting fatigue in the withering voice
The lips singing a song reach you in the same empty sky

This time I
will guard someone for something, watching for that withering voice, exhausted you and the farewell
Sometime under your supervision
Incidentally struggling to laugh
In order to sing one needs pride
Then, take care.