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Song Of Love

Softly you fall into ecstasy
"You've searched for this"
Cuscus smiling WITHOUT YOU
Love in my pocket for one to seize

What's dissolving me isn't alive, it clouds your eyes

More you, I want to love you more than one can hold
More summer, summer releases my heart
You mean a lot, give a sign that you noticed
Puzzled! Wish I was intoxicated!
Well, it's useless.

SUMMER TUNES streaming on the beach
To hide my embarrasment I hum
Badger a CHU from behind
Because I whisper here
You turn your head and I kiss your beautiful cheek

"I like you, I really really like you" I want to say
More summer, it released my heart
Ripples of an incorrect language lining up
"Connect our hands and never let go"
"There are no words for us".

It's summer soon, it doesn't convey quickly...

Even did KENKA, lost the sight of it too, like that, it deepened
Lots and lots of happiness rolling in, DARLING
We'd put our shoulders together, throughout, the long streets continue
In case now we would be bashful for it I'd say

With you I would want to be confirmedly in love.