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>That day I was exhausted from walking and walking
>when you gave me an item

>You had good-looking attributes
>The all-round type who's good at magic
>And knows how to put together a party
>As well as follow orders

... alright, it's time!
Off to work I go
I'll be waiting for you in the dungeon, okay? w
The data saved perfectly so I'm happy -ww

>Since we met tonight, tonight as well
>Right, I've decided, shall the wedding bells ring?

>In reality, my wife is a guy
>and I am a girl
>We defeated monsters and stole gold coins
>What an uncivilized honeymoon

Aww, already going to sleep?
Let's end here
See ya, you're falling down, right?
I'm in a D drive love, but you see w
More stuff happens here than in real life
When shall we log-on next?
We have tests too, oh well. Shutdown. ;_

"Ah-ah, now you have to act like a grown woman and be responsible, huh?
But you know...
Sometimes you gotta do your homework... and sometimes you gotta game...
Homework... Games... (etc)
You gotta do it all!"

Aww, it's heartbreaking
The Castle of Amusement
It's just a box, isn't it?
I'm living with the meaning of a D drive w
Real life just isn't enough
When shall we log-on next?
I'm counting on you, show me your homework ;_

Guh, I'm so tired!
I can't go on
Oh well, going to sleep is alright too w
The data will load so tomorrow is okay-ww
See ya^^ bye bye


It's light outside, isn't it? Shock! (TT