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I did it, anything and everything
Gather it, anything and everything
I did it, in an excited mood
I did it, I did it

I will buy at least three
That's the basics, my young lady
I'm not mistaken, so get used to it quickly
Everyone, give maniacs a bit of live, just a bit!

My hobbies, they say my hobbies are bad
Leave me, leave me alone to do what I want
I can't stop being an otaku
Anime, I saw anime
Character...I bought every single character CD
What will come next? The song they inserted mid-episode? Is that it?
...I think country songs are going a bit too far

Lets sing it in karaoke!
Throw away the bashfulness and sing with an open heart
Going in order, today we're singing only delusions delusion songs
A day for squeeze, squeeze

I got onto it, it's a festival
The extras they give is a festival
I got onto it, I got onto it

I'll go around at least three times
That girl is good, pointy yet dependent
That's strange, this conversation should turn one of the flags on

Hobbies, about hobbies
Irritating, it makes me irritated
I can't hear the voices cutting in
Anime, there is so much anime
Late night, its so tough to record all the late night shows, too
Before I watch them, they're out on discs! They pile up! And I forget!
...though I already read the original series

I love staying up late!
I was playing 'net games and sending IM's... time over!
I'm sleepy during class, level up going up in my dreams

I got onto it, It's a festival
I was able to buy it early, so it's a festival
I got onto it, I got onto it

I love staying up late!
I'm at an age where I want to play around without being hindered
I'm sleepy during class, the job change is a change in my dreams
Great success!

Let's do it, anything and everything
Japanese people, anything and everything
Let's do it, a country of "moe"
Let's do it, let's do it