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See, even if you turn around, it's no longer there
"Chance whatsoever, are like that" is what you fuss on
but there are times when you can't make the move

That's right, all this saying's for you, you know
But sorry, for things that I can't understand
I can't just easily nod my head

Even if you manage to get past it by telling a lie, you would surely regret it
The past, the future, and of course the present as well,
the one who takes the burden would be your own self.
Let's worry!

Come and get out now lad
Even if I call out to that back of yours who's shutting yourself away
it's impossible for now, eh. I have that kind of memory too

The meaning of kindness is difficult
Word that is thought to be nice
Unexpectedly, it may inflict pains too I suppose

But don't give up, even if you're struggling to find the words for say
Since you know it for many times already that no one lives by themselves.
All the time

Why is it that important things all come at once?
Must choose. Which one's better? Anything's good!
As for you, now, what would you do?

You'll understand later all the meanings, even if you don't understand it now
The hardship, the happiness, and also the secrets
So don't give up, together let's face it, forever
Because "It's My Life"