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That sunny day I understood what was important!
It was the day I remembered kindness and what was fun.

Days, I became more engrossed in them than anything
Whatever time passed was great
I miss those far-away days...

But what was the most fun was the never-disappearing voices, and the ever-lasting stories. Those times were always shining...

I had confidence, and I also had many failures, but I'll never forget those warm days...

I lost sight of what was important that rainy day
That day I remembered the tears of irritation and regret

You taught me what was important that shiny day
You supported me and were able to believe in me...

My Way, even with the time called now
When I realize it, it becomes the past
I feel "sadness", and there's no time left

That's right, I'm living with my eye on something, so when I dream, the form it takes will shine brightly anew

The memories of us together are reflected in your eyes! So I'll never let those warm times fade away...

I lost sight of something important that rainy day
I was so stubborn I didn't let whoever got hurt affect me...

But because someone very important was there that Shiny Day
I found understanding and was always helped

Now, this shiny day I've understood something important
They seem like such trite words, but, "Thank you"

Those words that important person told me that shiny day
We say to those we've met, in everything.

I didn't know what was important that rainy day...

I was able to find something important that shiny day!

That unforgettable shiny day