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Evil! Crack! There are those that pollut the skies
Evil! Crack! They come the mysterious space podoriasu
Evil! Crack! Within your chest burns the light of justice

Spread your wings
and you will fly like the wind
In order to protect the kindness in people

Change! Change! And transform
Strike'em with your Chrome Raber!
Save us from grief! The Dream Fighter Wingman!

Evil! Crack! At the edge of the world
Evil! Crack! Shout out toward victory
Evil! Crack! With your over flowing courage
Over throw your enemies

Go now and live your dream
Awaken your dormant power

Change! Change! Full Power!

Fire you Final Beam
Protect the smiles Dream Soldier Wingman

Go now and protect the love of tomorrow
You, the invinceble hero

Change! Change! Coup de Grace!
Finish'em with the Delta End!
Sumoun the blue sky, Dream Soldier Wingman