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This song is by 大塚愛.

Kanji Edit

海の 洋に
冷たく なって
白い その 手を
放したく ない
この腕 の中
閉じこめて 痛い
もうその 瞳に
君に 放したい
今日の この夜の 星のこと

微笑んだ まま
冷たく なって
白い 息が
霧の 様に
君に 上げたい
今日の この夜の 星くずな

明日には ばらばらと
灰に なって 灰に なって
灰に なって 星となる?

君に 放したい 今日の この
洋の 星のこと

Romaji Edit

Umino youni
tsumetaku natte
shiroi sono tewo
hanashitaku nai
konoude nonaka
tojikomete itai
mousono hitomini
kimini hanashitai
kyouno konoyoruno hoshinokoto

hohoenda mama
tsumetaku natte
shiroi ikiga
kirino youni
kimini agetai
kyouno konoyoruno hoshikuzuna

ashitaniwa barabarato
haini natte haini natte
haini natte hoshitonaru?

kimini hanashitai kyouno kono
yoruno hoshinokoto

Translation Edit

In ocean of the sea
It is becoming cold
White like the hand
We would not let you go
In this arm
Being shut in, is too painful
Already in the eye
Even without moving
We would like to release you
To the stars of this evening

While you smile
It is becoming cold
White breath
Like the fog
We want to lift you like the
Stardust of this evening

Tomorrow it will be scattered
Becoming ashes, becoming ashes
Becoming ashes, does it become the star?

Today this is when we would like to release you
To the ocean of stars

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