丹下桜 (Sakura Tange):ひとつだけ Lyrics

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This song is by 丹下桜.



ゆっくりとだけれど ひとつだけ
気付いたこと 伝えたいから

あなたに会えて あなたと過ごして
今 ここに そっと 浮かぶ
あふれるこの思いを 受け止めて


ゆっくりとだけれど ひとつだけ
気付いたこと 信じたいから

あなたの勇気 あなたの優しさ
ほら ここに きっと あるよ
あふれるこの涙を 受け止めて

水も 風も 太陽も 大地も
月も 星も 包んでくれる

あなたに会えて あなたと過ごして
今 ここに そっと 浮かぶ
あふれるこの思いを 受け止めて

あなたがくれた 未来のかけらが
ほら ここに 光ってるから
めぐりあえた思いは ひとつだけ


Massugu na hitomi
Itsumo damatteru
Yume o miru tabi ni
Soppo muite waratteru

Taisetsu na jikan o
Zutto mamotte kureta ne
Yukkuri todakeredo hitotsu dake
Kitsuke ita koto tsukaetai kara

Anata ni aete anata to sugoshite
Ima koko ni sotto ukabu
Afureru kono omoi o uke tomete

Fukyou na shigusa
Itsume soba ni iru
Omoi de no naka de
Houmotsu ni kawatteku

Daisuki na jikan o
Motto suki ni shite hoshi
Yukkuri todakeredo hitotisu dake
Kitsuke ita koto shinjitai kara

Anata no yuuki anata no yasashi sa
Hora koko ni kitto aru yo
Afureru kono namida o utekomete

Mizu mo, Kaze mo, Taiyou mo, daichi mo
Tsuki mo, Hoshi mo, tsutsun de kureru

Anata ni aete anata to sugoshite
Ima koko ni sotto ukabu
Afureru kono omoi o uke tomete

Anata ga kureta mirai no kakere ga
Hora koko ni hikatteru kara
Meguri aeta omoi wa hitotsu dake

English TranslationEdit

Looking into your eyes
You always kept silent
Each time I saw you in my dream
You turned away before I could see your smile

I realized who was important to me
You always protected me, didn't you?
Through it all, gradually, you're the only one
Always call me, and I'll help you.

You're brave, you're amazing
Here, now, gently surfacing
Receive these overflowing feelings.

Even though you were often scowling,
You were always by my side.
Among my feelings
You became treasured.

I realized who my beloved was
More and more I felt in love.
Gradually, finally, you're the only one.
Always call me, because I will believe in you.

Your courage, your kindness,
Look, I'm sure this is it.
Receive these overflowing tears.

The water, the wind, the sun, the earth,
The moon, the stars, I'd give them all to you.

You're brave, you're amazing,
Here, now, gently surfacing.
Receive these overflowing feelings.

To you I give the future,
Look, here, it's sparkling.
Surrounded completely by feelings, you're the only one.

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