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Underneath the shadow of evil the world trembles
Instead of crying useless tears
Awaken the great power that resides within
Let every animal rise to thier feet

Protect everyone with your love
To become stronger
Two animals must bond in friendship
And release a new and mysterious power

Great! Great! Animalkaiser
Let's Fight! With your overflowing power
You will never lose to thier evil

Great! Great! With a fantastic miracle
Knock! Down! Tear through the darkness
All of us will protect the earth
Competing Beast Great Animalkaiser

Your royal blood will lead you to victory
With your ambitions you will rise
All of us will become stronger
So that we may endure the pain

Land Sea and air are our sworn allies
Our destinies began when we were born
We are the warriors who
Believe in the flames of this friendship

Great! Great! Animalkaiser
Let's! Fight! With overflowing power
We'll earnstly play in this game

Great! Great! With our X technique
Knock! Down! All of us cry out
As our limit is pushed to the tipping piont
Competing Beast Great Animalkaiser