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I saw a momentary dream
Where you were smiling
Passing through many nights
And now at last you've struggled through

Hey..., at the end of the sky,
What is there?
Please lead me
Towards the place you've gone

I sing for you
Someday, I will be the wind and chase my dreams
Please grant me
The strength to live for you

The letter from you
Smells like summer
When you tire from you journey,
I hope that you call my name

Why? All life
Is finite?
Even so, I will head towards tomorrow
Without giving up

I sing for you
Because we are looking at the same sky now
Please grant me
The strength to live for you

For example, the flower
Proudly blooming above the road
Facing the shining light
Raise you hands like you will never lose...

I sing for you
Is the dream in you heart now?
Things lost, things gained
Don't cry any more, It's okay to hold me

You make my dreams come true
And let's walk around
Just once more, flap and
Fill these wings with the wind

For you I will be born again...