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That summer day, when we walked
Barefoot by the seashore
I climbed up the stairs onto the highway
And kissed you for the first time.

Your back, facing the horizon
I held it tight without saying anything.

Ever since, what kind of dark times
Could get between us, I wonder
But now that the ocean breeze
Comfortingly embraces my heart
I looked up at the sky; the end of summer.

Your big hand going through my hair
It's warmth still clings to my ears
Since, for luck,
You gave me clover-shaped earrings.

This summer you aren't here anymore
But deep inside my heart I still ache.

I couldn't even say goodbye
And I cannot put my regret in words.
I'm reflected on the sparkling, calm surface of the water
Like that time; Again this year
The summer ends.

I swear by the sky, even if my love for you
cannot reach you, it is pure.
But when I feel like crying
You will certainly help me.
Twilight in the sky, the end of summer.