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How do you do! Or maybe it's "PIKA you do!"?
Either way, they both mean "let's have fun and play!"

We can't promise happy endings
We're the slapstick all stars!

We wanted to start having good manners if we could
But it's impossible! Because of this rhythm!

Like popcorn
Let's flip about merrily!
Say PIKA to the blue sky!

It's been a while! Or maybe it's the first we've met?
Either way, they both mean "let's play together!"

We definitely just can't easily breeze by
We're the mischief all stars!

Even for the type of people who say to always be obedient
Today is different! Because of this rhythm!

Like a parade
Let's walk about busily!
Say PIKA throughout this town!

Like a merry-go-round
It's a moment full of dreams!
Say PIKA to your friends!