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Blind and dumbfounded, I cannot hear the screams
This is a controlled variety
Shackles and release – just right REWARDS and punishments
Confinement by the name of freedom

Often in this transient world, it’s just like
Grief is being rolled on someone’s hand

Enlightenment and awakening – I can see the truth
Bye-bye to the days of being owned

Killing myself, I put on a forced smile
I’ll spit and blot it out

Looking up at the sky, you say
“This world is boring, isn’t it?”
Chewing lies like flavourless gum
You prayed to the god only for me with superficial feelings
You took my hand
“It’s impossible, right? This place is just like Hell”

Hypocrisy doesn’t make sense here
I will tread on it with dirty shoes

Looking down on a flower, you say
“This world is beautiful, isn’t it?”
And then bite your finger as if exchanging vows
The days change gradually in gradation
A you I don’t know was there, saying
“We can’t laugh, right? This place is yesterday’s future”