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This song is by アンジェラ・アキ and appears on the album 愛の季節 (2009) and on the album Life (2010).


作詞:アンジェラ・アキ 作曲:アンジェラ・アキ

肌寒い春の朝に 偶然あなたと出会った
初めて運命を信じて 飛び込んだ恋だった

夏前に「愛してる」って 突然あなたが言った
一時停止ボタンがあったなら 放さずにいただろう


Season of love

秋風が吹き始めて 二人の間を抜けた
いつの間にかケンカも絶えて 会話が少なくなった


Season of love

人は変わってゆくから 愛の温度計が
寒いのか熱いのか どの季節にいるか
理解していたいから 向き合っていたいから 嘘のない言葉を伝えたい

二度目の春が始まる 季節を乗り越えてきた
二人の絆は深まって また新しい花を咲かす

Seasons of love


Hadasamui haru no asa ni guuzen anata to deatta
Hajimete unmei wo shinjite tobikonda koi datta

Natsu mae ni "Aishiteru" tte totsuzen anata ga itta
Ichijiteishi botan ga atta nara hanasazu ni ita darou

Shiawase wa byoudou janai to bakari
Yume nante tanin no mono to bakari omotte itakedo

Wasurenaide kisetsu ga kawattemo
Ai no hana ga saki midareta Season
Season of love

Akikaze ga fuki hajimete futari no aida wo nuketa
Itsu no ma ni ka kenka mo tae te kaiwa ga sukunaku natta

Kasunda fuyu sora wo miage nagara
Tsumetai benchi no uede futari wa kogoe teita

Wasurenaide kisetsu wa kawaru kara
Ai no hana ga kare hajimeta Season
Season of love

Hito wa kawatte yuku kara ai no ondokei ga
Samui no ka atsui no ka dono kisetsu niiruka
Rikai shiteitaikara muki atte itaikara uso nonai kotoba wo tsutaetai

Nidome no haru ga hajimaru kisetsu wo norikoe tekita
Futari no kizuna wa fukamatte mata atarashii hana wo saka sou

Wasure naide kisetsu ga kawattemo
Ai no hana ga saki midareta Season
Wasure naide kisetsu ga kawattemo
Ai no hana ga saki tsudukeru Seasons
Seasons of love

English TranslationEdit

On a chilly springtime morning, by chance, I met you.
For the first time I believed in fate, as we fell in love.

As summer was approaching, "I love you" -- You said that, all of a sudden*
If I'd had a pause button, I guess I would have stayed there without letting it go.

"Happiness just isn't fair"
"Dreams and so on are only for other people"
That's what I used to think, but...

Don't forget, even if the seasons change,
the season when the flower of love burst into blossom.
Season of love

The autumn breeze began to blow, and
The relationship between us vanished;**
Before we knew it even our quarrels died down and
Our conversations became few

As we looked up at the overcast winter sky,
the two of us were freezing on an icy bench...

Don't forget, because the seasons change,
this season was when the flower of love began to wither.
Season of love

People go on changing, so does the thermometer of love;
Whether it's hot or cold, whatever season we are in,
we want to be understanding, we want to face each other,
we want to tell each other the words that aren't lies.

For the second time, spring began;
We came and made it through the seasons.
The bond between us getting stronger,
Once again coaxing a new flower into bloom...***

Don't forget, even as seasons change,
the season when the flower of love burst into blossom.
Season of love

Don't forget, even as seasons change,
the seasons when the flower of love kept on blooming.
Season of love

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