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Official English translation

There is a thing that passes the silent night
Therefore I now reach out my hand
And look into the cage
The wind brilliantly plays the melody of spring
There's just a single thing that's important
I've been searching for it at the end of the world
When overcoming the speed of sound
And melting together with it, look
Even time is not necessary
We keep walking,
Sometimes we hesitate,
We pass each other.
Therefore I will now
Five you a song
In order to spin the loosened thread
The milky-way is glittering
And pierces my heart
Jump, vividly
The dark blue color of the sun,
The parade of the angles
I want to be without changing
These feelings
I want to place the piano on top of the same scenery
And meet you again here
If it can come true
Then make me wish
Before I forget
Inside of these uncountable unexpected meetings
I will now shout out your name
Earth of silence
Confused universe
Graced the beautiful name
(And I sing) buzz love song
What I've been searching for at the end of the world
Was the hymn towards an unending tomorrow
In order to make up for the pieces I've lost
I now scream out your name here
Even if we're separated,
To you, who lives somewhere