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1, 2, 3, 4!

Even with the pretty tough opponents
The battles heat up more and more!
Staggering, worn out, big trouble!
Decide on Iron Tail while smiling!

(Everything is Good!!)
OH!! Hidden Power
(Never Give Up!!)
Come on, stand up and ride the tailwinds!

Motivation, Role Play, Hustle!
Let's continue together everyday!
Crossing through forests, rivers, mountains
This feeling is the greatest!!
Friendship, love, guts!
We're evolving everyday!
How nice, how nice, how nice, let's go!

We've got a good combination!
Perfect communication!
Always high tension!
WOW WO shalala... so there's no need to worry!

We've got a good vibration!
Towards tomorrow, congratulations!
Always a revolution!
Let's go on this road, aim to be a Pokémon Master!

A big, thrilling, exciting adventure!
With a lighthearted rhythm, GO GO GO!! (GO GO GO!!)
Unsure to choose that or this, a great failure
But with a positive power we'll be WINNING!!

(We Can Do It!!)
Come on, let's overcome it!
(Endless Road)
Repeating meetings and farewells

Shocking, startling, miracle!
We're always excited everyday!
Watching the morning sun and the evening sun together
This moment is the greatest!! (The greatest!!)
On sunny days, rainy days, and windy days
Though so much happens everyday
More, and more, and more, let's go!

First off is concentration (concentration)
Right, our moves are a collaboration (collaboration)
A fighting spirit escalation!
WOW WO shalala... if it's no good, one more time!!

All the things we see are non-fiction (non-fiction)
Still just a little introduction (introduction)
Continue the future imagination!
That's right, our dream is to be a Pokémon Master!

We've got a good combination (good combination)
Perfect communication (communication)
Always high tension!
WOW WO shalala... so there's no need to worry!

We've got a good vibration (good vibration)
Towards tomorrow, congratulations (congratulations)
Always a revolution!
I'm sure at the end we'll all be Pokémon Masters!!