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Nava morakab khani (1986)Edit

Mohammad Reza Shajarian - Nava morakab khani
Nava morakab khani
  1. Ghateye Toloua
  2. Avaz o Ney
  3. Edameye Avaz o Ney
  4. Ghateye Nahoft
  5. Edameye Avaz o Ney 1
  6. Edameye Avaz o Ney 2
  7. Edameye Avaz o Ney 3
  8. Tasnife Jan o Jahan

Bote Chin (1992)Edit

Mohammad Reza Shajarian - Bote Chin
Bote Chin
  1. Bote Chin
  2. Dele Sheida
  3. Be Yaad Aref
  4. Naze Layli
  5. Darvak
  6. Khosrow Khoban
  7. Baghe Nazar
  8. Rah Neshin
  9. Maykhaneh
  10. Sobhdam

Shajarian Vol. 2 (1992)Edit

Shajarian Vol. 2
Shajarian Vol. 2
  1. Bahare Delkash
  2. Gereily
  3. Shaam O Parvaneh
  4. Eftekhare Afagh
  5. Gole Bagh
  6. Chahar Bagh
  7. Shabe Nayshabour
  8. Naz Dar Deli

Shajarian Vol. 3: Khazan (1992)Edit

Shajarian Vol. 3: Khazan (Persian Music)
Shajarian Vol. 3: Khazan (Persian Music)
  1. Hezar Dastan
  2. Be Yaad Dari
  3. Baad Saba
  4. Khasteh Par
  5. Kaboutar
  6. Baade Khazan
  7. Ashke Mahtab
  8. Cheshme Nargess

Bidad (Injustice) (2005)Edit

Bidad (Injustice)
Bidad (Injustice)
  1. Introduction
  2. Saz Va Avaz
  3. Ghat'eh Sooz Va Godaz
  4. Saz Va Avaz
  5. Tasnif Yad Bad

An Empty Chalice (2007)Edit

An Empty Chalice
An Empty Chalice
  1. Jam Tohi
  2. Rhapsody For Santoor & Orchestra
  3. Rhapsody For Tar & Orchestra
  4. Dar Kocheh Sar Shab

Other SongsEdit

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  1. Ah Baran
  2. Avaz Khosro Va Shirin
  3. Cheshme Yari
  4. Dar Koochesare Shab (Dashti)
  5. Didi Ey Mah
  6. Faryad (Tasnif)
  7. Rain
  8. Rendane Mast
  9. Saman Bouyan (Tasnif)
  10. Tasnife Bi To Besar Nemishavad
  11. Zan Yar Delnavazam
  12. سلسله ی موی دوست
  13. قاصدک

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