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English PencilEdit

One, two, ten local channel
I sit in front of the screen
and wonder what's local about the fabric
even the one I voted for
doesn't seem bothered from the fact
I have absolutely no one to rely on
certainly not him,
but here the mess begins
'cuz all the elected ones
are one long despair
his comrades in the seats
are no better than him.
tribe of opportunists that have
got no emotions
Ice instead of a heart,
water colours instead of blood.
They forgot what pain is
changing their skin every day
as if they were chameleons
not one of them
washes clean hands.
Maybe I'm the fool
who doesn't understand how
action is less important than image.
Who struggles to relax
on this lid of a dynamite keg
and who tries
but doesn't manage to remember
when the Elected House
turned into a toilet.

(you don't really have an excuse)
you know
(the suits don't give a damn)
you lean on them
(like a broken wicker chair)
they know this is the countdown
to the explosion.

Inside all the houses
all the receivers are on
and all the people
watch the same channels
broadcasting at the same times
all these suits
in sizes way too large
making promises
touch on all the problems
of all the people
inside all the houses
where all the receivers are on
if there's nothing new about it,
then it is not the news.

This circle's got to be broken
the suits
lost their right to speak ages ago
intonation of a preacher
in a tone of attack
like I don't know that you
surround yourself
with 1001 suck-ups, associates
advisors, make-up artists, speech writers,
Mr. Suit,
it's not by chance I'm going for you
I'm the one paying
everyone's wages.


The suit wants a camera,
the channel wants to broadcast to you
onlyy the people can create a different way
a detour around the Suits
is worth the effort
it can only happen together not one man
by himself.
Just imagine to yourselves
that all of us made the greatest effort
to get out of this situation we're stuck in
we won't let them abuse people's savings
sticking their greasy hand
into budgets
discriminating between widows,
making trouble between workers
to gain credit
at the expense of our disabled brothers
Just imagine to yourselves
that we'd take responsibility for our fate
and stop letting the pos's crap on us too
understood that the difference
between the minorities
and us good guys doesn't exist
took a look at God
and said "Enough" (prayer)
we'd return the suits to their proper place
deep deep
inside the pages of the newspaper.


Original (Hebrew) PencilEdit

Echad, shtaim, eser arutz mekomi
yoshev mul hamasach
vetoheh mah mekomi bama'arag
afilu zeh shebacharti bo
lo nir'a mudag mizeh
ein li bichlal al mi lismoch
betach lo alav
aval kan rak matchil habroch
ki kol hanivcharim
ye'ush echad aroch
chaverav lakise
lo yoter tovim mimeno
shibut shel oportunistim sheregesh
etzlehem eineno
kerach bimkom lev
tzeva go'ash bimkom dam
shachachu mahu ke'ev
midei yom hofchim oram
mashal hayu zikiot
ish mehem
eino rochetz yadaim nekiot
ulai ani ha'idiot
she'lo mevin ech
ma'asim pachot chashuvim mitadmit
shemitkasheh lehiraga
al mach'seh chabit hadinamit
veshelo matzli'ach
lizkor menaseh
matai hafach beit hanivcharim
lebeit hakise.

(ein lachem be'emet terutz)
'tem yod'im
(hachalifot lo samot katzutz)
aleihem lismoch
(mish'enet kaneh ratzutz)
hem yod'im shezo s'firah le'achor
ad hapitzutz.

Betoch kol habatim
kol hamakletim p'tuchim
vekol ha'anashim
tzofim be'otam arutzim
shemeshadrim be'otan hasha'ot
et kol hachalifot
bemidot yoter midai g'dolot
mavtichim havtachot
hanog'ot letzarot
shel kol ha'anashim
betoch kol habatim
bahem kol hamakletim p'tuchim
im ein bezeh chadash
az zeh lo chadashot.

Hama'agal hazeh chayav lehishaver
ibdu mizman et haz'chut ledaber
intonatzia shel metif
beton takif
ke'ilu an'lo yode'a she'et atzmecha
ata makif
be'elef ve'echad lakekanim, mekoravim
yo'atzim be'april, kotvei ne'umim
adon chalifah
an'lo nitpal alecha stam
ani zeh shemeshalem
et hamaskoret shel kulam.


Hachalifah rotzah matzlemah
ha'arutz rotzeh leshader lachem
rak ha'anashim yecholim leyatzer afik acher
k'vish okef chalifot
shaveh lehitametz bishvilo
zeh yachol likrot rak yachad lo ish ish
damyenu le'atzmechem
shekulanu na'aseh t'amerav
latzet mehamatzav elav nikl'anu
lo narsheh lahem lehitalel baches'chonot
lehachnis t'ayad hameyuz'at shelahem
letoch hakitzba'ot
lahaflot bein almanot,
lesachsech bein pe'ilim
ligzor kupon gam
al cheshbon acheinu hanechim
damyenu le'atzmechem
shenikach achraiut al goralenu
nafsik latet lacharot lecharben gam aleinu
navin shehahevdel
bein bnei miyutim
letovei b'neinu einenu
nashir mabat elokeinu
venomar dayenu
t'achalifot nachzir lim'koman hanachon
amok amok
el toch dapei ha'iton.