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Yadernye Stantsii (Nuclear Stations)

This song is by Мумий Тролль and appears on the album Comrade Ambassador (2009).

You've forgotten the way to get back.
The motor is jammed and your feet are like lead.
It's time, it's time... you should be scared now.
There's an atom at the heart of these changes.
We can't stop the dances
Of our nuclear stations.
Only I know the secret
Of making you happy.

You really should laugh:
Grab forget-me-not blossoms.
And your life will be longer.
Forget politicians
And hard-hearted ogres.
We've got our special suitcase:
A golden key and red button!


  • Lyrics – Ilya Lagutenko
  • Music – Yuri Tsaler
  • Recording – Pavlo Shevchuk (Vintage Recording Studio)
  • Mix – Chris Bandy
  • Assistants – Dmitriy Plavshudin, Albert Mata, Ghian Wright
  • Mastering – Vlado Meller (Universal)