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Prospali (We Overslept)

This song is by Мумий Тролль and appears on the album Comrade Ambassador (2009).

We simply overslept:
The stars got by without us.
We simply overslept:
What's there to cry for?
The oil's not ours - nor is the gas;
All the islands are named after strangers.
We simply overslept:
So what's going on?
Come on!.. blin, bien, ça va!

We simply overslept:
We got no medals in this war.
We simply overslept:
Could they just start a new war?
When the "whole world is mine,"
You can't tell that world to "Stop!"
We simply overslept:
"What's up my boy?"
"My girl... Shut up!"

Deliberately sleeping in from envy
And leaving alarm clocks in peace...
We fell into each other.
And - as luck would have it -
I didn't oversleep you...
But you did me!


  • Lyrics – Ilya Lagutenko
  • Music – Yuri Tsaler
  • Programming – Pavlo Shevchuk
  • Recording – Pavlo Shevchuk, Dan Leffler (Village Recording)
  • Mix – Pavlo Shevchuk, Dan Leffler
  • Assistants – Dmitriy Plavshudin, Albert Mata, Ghian Wright
  • Mastering – Vlado Meller (Universal)

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