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Hey, Tovarishch! (Ey, Tovarisch!)

This song is by Мумий Тролль and appears on the album Comrade Ambassador (2009).

Hey, hey, tovarishch!
What's going on with you?
The worst ones were taken
And the rest are right here.
That girl that you liked,
She left last of all,
But whatever you touch becomes distant -
Whether hands, lips, or warmth...
Even laughter and breath.

You're drinking up your aphrodisiac
And reading through your zodiac,
Putting lilies in your Cadillac!

OK, OK, "tovarishch" -
It's such a bizarre language
Should I bother to teach it or learn it?
They'll simply agree... It's habit!
You can soothe all the nerves,
Even lap up the pain,
But your dreams won't turn into desires.
There's no start and no finish,
There's no Yin and no Yan,
Neither M - nor Troll!


  • Music and lyrics – Ilya Lagutenko
  • Recording – Pavlo Shevchuk, Dan Leffler (Village Recording)
  • Mix – Chris Bandy
  • Assistants – Dmitriy Plavshudin, Albert Mata, Ghian Wright
  • Saxophone – Oleg Tsaler
  • Programming – Pavlo Shevchuk
  • Mastering – Vlado Meller (Universal)